What is Project Phobia?

Project Phobia is an upcoming anthology film made by SCAD students. The idea is that students of SCAD register, pick a phobia, and make a short based off of it. Our goal is to gain experience, exposure, and enjoyment.

Why an anthology film?

As film students, we don’t get many opportunities to make a feature film. By many, I mean none. With Project Phobia, we would all have a feature length film under our belts to call our own.

Why phobias?

It’s a subject matter we deal with every day. We can all relate to the idea of being scared of something, rational or not. Plus, with phobia as the theme, any genre is available. Remember that Simpsons episode about Marge’s fear of flying? Or, the short film, Spider? Just because it deals with a fear, doesn’t mean it’s horror. A heavy handed drama, or a juvenile comedy can deal with phobias equally.